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Malachite Hotelis a luxurious business hotel that was built according to the international standards for five-star hotels. Occupying over 40,000m2 in area near the new administrative and cultural center of Tangxia, this 99m-high hotel simply serves as the landmark in that area.

Appearing in a modern European style, this hotel is elegantly decorated with advanced facilities and equipment, which renders you a perfect experience everywhere you go.

The hotel has over 500 rooms, Chinese, Western Japanese restaurants and lobby lounge, large luxurious banquet hall that accommodates 2000 guests, and facilities such as spa, constant temperature swimming pool, fitness room and KTV room.. Malachite Hotel is determined to serve businessmen and visitors from around the world with quality and sincere services.


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    TEL :0769-8203-3333   Fax:0769-8960-2999

    Address:138#, West Tanglong Rd, Tangxia Town, Dongguan